Meet the cast

Debbie Savigliano

Founder & Executive Director of Bianca’s Kids

In addition to founding Bianca’s Kids, Debbie is a part-time paralegal. A witty, crass, straight-talking matriarch on a mission. (Think Leah Rimini on ‘roids) Debbie has been married to the love of her life for 25 years and is the mother of three sons. She is the antithesis of a traditional Executive Director, wife or mother. What comes between this woman and granting a wish for a struggling child? Absolutely nothing!

Vanessa Migioia-Andricola

Debbie’s cousin & Gabriella’s sister, Director of Bianca’s Kids

A Temple University graduate with a degree in pharmacy, Vanessa’s the “wild card” of the family. Her lack of
verbal filter leaves the rest of the family holding their breath. While the Board of Directors are frantically pulling together content for a radio appearance or wish, Vanessa can be found struggling with which lip liner to wear. Her tactics at gaining support for her foundation include, but are not limited to, embarrassing and insulting people into donating. She drives up donations and drives her family crazy.

Mike Savigliano

Debbie’s husband, Director of Bianca’s Kids

Mike is a bus driver at Drexel University
(think foul Mouthed Ralph Kramden). A quintessential blue-collar Italian New Yorker completely uncomfortable with nonprofit work because he can’t complete a sentence without cursing. Mike thrives on the madness and rolls with the punches, but not without his frequent vulgar and obnoxious comments. It always surprises people to find out that this tough guy will do anything for a needy child. He possesses the mouth of a dumpster and a heart of gold.

Gabriella Migioia-Michael

Debbie’s cousin, VP of Bianca’s Kids

With a degree in engineering from Lehigh University as a cancer genetics specialist, Gabriella is Debbie’s confidant and right hand in Bianca’s Kids. But, the two couldn’t be more different. She is vain, brilliant, bossy and the most judgmental human being ever created. She craves proficiency and competence, the problem is, trying to manipulate her family into a “real board of directors” remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, she will never stop trying.

Maria Libero

Debbie’s best friend, Board Secretary of Bianca’s Kids

Maria is the peacemaker and voice of reason. Her fundraising abilities and tireless energy have impacted the non-profit the most. Committed, kind, consistent. She has a 25-year career in customer service and she’s been with her high school sweetheart for 30 years. She’s our rock, the glue, and we’re still trying to find something controversial about her.

Michael Savigliano Jr.

Debbie’s oldest son, Director of Bianca’s Kids

A graduate of Williamstown High, Michael works as a union painter at Drexel University. He coaches little league football and enjoys golfing. His obsession with fishing, is well, obsessive. He plays Santa Claus, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the Easter Bunny at foundation events and is always brought to tears behind the mask.